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Evidence Based Birth Doula Care

I offer a free meeting with no obligation for anyone interested in my doula services. This is our chance to meet, talk and ask each other questions and ensure that my services are the best for you, your birth, and your family!

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What is a Doula Care?

A doula is someone who is trained to support a mother prenatally, in labor, and during the postpartum period.   A doula supports the birthing family emotionally, physically, and spiritually, with focus on the birthing person.  I have extensive education and experience supporting families in birth and postpartum. I will support you in your choices in birth, whatever they may be!

A birth doula is vitally important to any mother’s birthing team. You have that favorite midwife or that favorite obstetrician in the practice that you really hope to be at your birth. The truth is: unless you are at a birth center, you may not know who your OB or midwife will be. New parents are always surprised to find out that your nurse will only be with you, at most, for 30% of your labor. The rest of the time? Its you, your partner, and your doula. That’s why having a well educated doula that you trust and makes you feel supported is so important!

Waterbirth, homebirth, hospital birth doula in Denver Colorado
Have a better experience during your birth in Denver, Colorado with an evidence-based holistic DONA certified doula.

I am with you prenatally to give you advice about nutrition, exercise, stretching, and birth preparation.  I am with you in labor when you are ready for me to come and I stay with you through your entire birth until at least 2 hours after you child is born. I am with postpartum to help you navigate breastfeeding, infant bonding, and getting used to being a mom!

I have a bachelor’s degree in human and microbial biology, a minor in human nutrition and dietetics and a passion for natural medicine. My experience and education is very in depth and encompasses many areas of the perinatal period. This gives me a more fundamental picture about what is actually happening during birth and the prenatal and postpartum periods. I have an intimate knowledge of nutritional needs of prenatal, birthing and lactating mothers and can help you come up with a personalized health and wellness plan that is tailored to you and your needs.

Why Have Birth Doula Care?

DONA International defines a doula as: a professional who is trained in childbirth and provides continuous support to a family before, during, and after birth.

Hiring a doula for your birth improves your chances of having a spontaneous vaginal birth and reduces your chances of needing pain medication, epidural, vacuum forceps-assisted delivery and low Apgar scores at birth. Hiring a doula shortens your labor and  increases satisfaction with your birth.  Utilizing birth doula care with you during your birth is easier on your relationship with your partner. Birth doulas take pressure of you and your partner to be your only support in labor. Doula care has been found to improve your relationship with your partner in early parenthood!   Read the article that I wrote about the benefits of a doula!