I offer a free meeting with no obligation for anyone interested in my doula services. This is our chance to meet, talk and ask each other questions and ensure that my services are the best for you, your birth, and your family!

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A doula is someone who is trained to support a mother prenatally, in labor, and during the postpartum period.   A doula supports the birthing family emotionally, physically, and spiritually, with focus on the birthing person.  I have extensive education and experience supporting families in birth and postpartum. I will support you in your choices in birth, whatever they may be!



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This beautiful mom birth her baby into a calm pool of water. Mama Nurture Wellness is excited to support you in your choices in birth! Our aim is to support better birth experiences for moms and babies! www.mamanurturewellness.org

A birth doula is vitally important to any mother’s birthing team. You have that favorite midwife or that favorite obstetrician in the practice that you really hope to be at your birth. The truth is: unless you are at a birth center, you may not know who your OB or midwife will be. New parents are always surprised to find out that your nurse will only be with you, at most, for 30% of your labor. The rest of the time? Its you, your partner, and your doula. That’s why having a well educated doula that you trust and makes you feel supported is so important!

“A doula is like a trail guide, familiar with the path, she keeps you hiking through the hard parts, knowing the view at the end is incredible.”

I am with you prenatally to give you advice about nutrition, exercise, stretching, and birth preparation. I am with you in labor when you are ready for me to come and I stay with you through your entire birth until at least 2 hours after you child is born. I am with postpartum to help you navigate breastfeeding, infant bonding, and getting used to being a mom!

I have a bachelor’s degree in human and microbial biology, a minor in human nutrition and dietetics and a passion for natural medicine. My experience and education is very in depth and encompasses many areas of the perinatal period. This gives me a more fundamental picture about what is actually happening during birth and the prenatal and postpartum periods. I have an intimate knowledge of nutritional needs of prenatal, birthing and lactating mothers and can help you come up with a personalized health and wellness plan that is tailored to you and your needs.

Why Hire a Doula?

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The moments right after birth are my favorite. Everyone is crying tears of joy, happiness, and amazement at the wonders of birth! Such an emotional, beautiful, messy time! Mama Nurture Wellness is happy to support your better birth experience! www.mamanurturewellness.org

DONA International defines a doula as: a professional who is trained in childbirth and provides continuous support to a family before, during, and after birth.

Hiring a doula for your birth improves your chances of having a spontaneous vaginal birth and reduces your chances of needing pain medication, epidural, vacuum forceps-assisted delivery and low Apgar scores at birth. Hiring a doula shortens your labor and  increases satisfaction with your birth.  Read the article that I wrote about the benefits of a doula!

Standard Birth Doula Care from Mama Nurture Wellness Includes:

Prenatal Care:

  • Complimentary first visit to see if I am a good match. Go ahead and schedule or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.
  • At least 2 prenatal visits, or 1 meeting a month until the birth of your child, which ever equals greater visits.
    • This is in addition to our initial meeting, to discuss your desires and needs and prepare you for your birth, labor, and care of your newborn.
    • One of our prenatal appointments will include getting your nursery ready, or cooking a meal.
    • If you desire and there is availability, during one of our prenatal appointments, I will accompany you to meet with your doctor or midwife.
    • Each of our prenatal appointments is at least one hour but can last as long as 3-4 hours.
    • Things we will do in our Prenatal appointments:
      • Discussion and processing of fears and trepidation about birth and becoming a parent.
      • Nutritional advice and strategies.
      • Birth plan development.
      • Birth rehearsal.
      • Communication tools to receive evidence based care.
      • If you are a survivor of abuse or trauma, I will find a professional that can provide a consultation to examine what aspects of birth may be triggering to you, so, that you can create a plan for navigating this in birth.
  • I offer support via email, telephone, with advice and information for the duration of your pregnancy and into your early postpartum period.

Labor Support:

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Mama Nurture Wellness is more than your usual doula experience. We support you prenatally with lots of education and assistance with processing and resources, during labor with physical and emotional support, labor support massage, acupressure, and assistance with evidence based care, but also after the birth of your baby with lactation support, massage therapy, nutrition education and more! I have many highly qualified referral partners in the community to get you the best outcomes possible! www.mamanurturewellness.org

“This is how we take the fear out of birth: by honoring and embracing all the many possible variations that birth encompasses. In this way, every birth is a natural birth. Each of us is part of nature, not separate from it, and nature is always stunning in its variety. Your birth, then, is part of the natural world, however it unfolds.”    — Lauralyn Curtis

  • I am on call for you 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after until you give birth.
  • Assistance laboring at home as long as possible, with the support of your medical provider.
  • Acupressure, massage, breathing technique, essential oils, and other non-medical pain relief measures.
  • Continuous support in labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum period.
  • Suggestions for labor and birthing positions, as well as, special movements that encourage labor progress.
  • I pay close attention to things that are in your birth plan to help you navigate an empowering birth.
  • I make your husband look like superman by helping him know what to do and when.
  • After the birth of your baby, I help you negotiate the first breastfeeding session.
  • In cases where you and your infant must be separated, I stay with you. This allows you the peace of mind knowing that your partner is with your baby.
  • I stay with you for at least two hours after the baby is born and the both of you are healthy and at peace.

Postpartum Care:

  • Transitional support from birthing location to home.
  • Support via email, telephone, or text, with advice and information for into your early postpartum period.
  • Nursing support in the immediate postpartum period.
  • One postpartum meeting in the first week to ease your transition into motherhood, discuss breastfeeding, any other questions or concerns you may have, walk your dog, help make a meal.
  • A second postpartum meeting will be
  • Invoice for reimbursement through insurance
    • Many insurance companies will reimburse for birth doula care though I can make no guarantees.
  • Availability by phone, text, or email for calls questions and concerns.
  • I have chosen to focus my practice on pregnancy and lactation to allow me to give my clients unwavering support without being distracted by numerous long-term clients. However, I work with numerous highly trained and experienced postpartum doulas in the area and will help you find long-term postpartum support that best fits you and your family.

Techniques and birth situations that I enjoy supporting: 

“The whole point of woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She may need, and deserve, help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will have the power.”
— Heather McCue
first feeding, breastfeeding after birth with a doula
have extensive experience and education at my fingertips to help you find a reasonable plan of action to process through most any issues that may come up during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! www.mamanurturewellness.org

What my doula role includes: 

Mama Nurture Wellness offers plus size friendly services for families!
  • Providing emotional support.
  • Hold space for you to follow your instincts.
  • Empower you with evidence based information about procedures.
  • Using comfort measures:
    • Breathing
    • Relaxation
    • Meditation
    • Movement
    • Positioning
    • Massage
    • Acupressure
    • Essential oils
    • Hot and Cold Therapies
    • Encouragment
  • Giving evidence based information about various birth choices.
  • Assistance understanding procedures and options in birth plans.
  • Giving evidence based information about nutrition.
  • Continuously reassuring and comforting you during labor.
  • Advocating for you and helping you facilitate communication with your care provider.
  • Looks after your partner, and gives them bathroom breaks, when needed.
    • However, the primary focus is on caring for you.

What my doula role does not include: 

  • Taking the place of a birth partner, though I will be your birth partner if you are independent of a partner.
  • Pressuring you to make any decision about any interventions, or discussing interventions or medical care with your provider.
    • I empower you to make your own decisions about what happens in your birth.
    • I empower you to work with your care providers to have what you deem to be your best experience.
  • Things only in a medical provider’s scope of practice:
    • Vaginal exams
    • Fetal heart monitoring
    • Taking blood pressures.
    • Performing phlebotomy.
    • Administering any medications or supplements.
    • Give medical advice or diagnose conditions
    • Deliver the baby.
  • Allow personal values or biases get in the way of caring for you.
  • Pressure you to make decisions based on the my preference.
  • Survivor Consultation for Birth or Breastfeeding
    • I will refer you to other highly trusted professionals to provide this service.
  • Attend Unassisted births.
    • You must be in the care of one of the following:
      • A Licensed Midwife (CPM or CNM).
      • An Obstetrition.
      • Family Practice Physician

Have more questions?

I offer a free meeting with no obligation for anyone interested in my doula services. This is our chance to meet, talk and ask each other questions and ensure that my services are the best for you, your birth, and your family! You can email me with the form below, or go ahead and schedule a Doula Consultation below. 

I usually get back to you within 24 hours. If your need is more urgent, please call 256-698-2261

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