I believe and trust in a pregnant body to do what is necessary to give birth to a child. When a family is supported and honored during labor the birth person’s body can do what it needs to do to give birth to their child. Our species gave birth for thousands of years before medical intervention. Natural birth is what we are meant to do.

I feel that our culture needs to change our language around birth. Choosing a Birth Center or to birth in your own home should not be “out of hospital” birth, we should call it Community-based Birth. The “out of hospital” makes one feel that they are choosing something out of the ordinary or not normal when they choose any other option other than a hospital, when in fact, the majority of mothers choosing or feeling pressured to give birth in a hospital is a recent thing. Our community has a lot of wonderful and perfect options for you to give birth. Take some time researching your options in birthing locations and provider. Do your research to have the birth options that YOU want. This is your birth!

Natural birth is intense. Natural birth is wild. Natural birth can be orgasmic. Feeling pain in birth does not mean that you suffer. Together, we will learn new ways of using the sensations of birth to follow your instincts and work with that feedback to help you and your body do what is needed in labor.

I will work with you, prenatally on exercises and stretches to do to ensure optimal fetal positioning. We will work on meditation, and processing fears and thoughts around labor and birth. I will help you to develop a birth plan that fits your needs and desires. I will educate both you and your partner (if present) on childbirth, and other location dependent education you may want or need. When you are in labor, I will meet you in your home. I will travel via my own transportation, if travelling is necessary. I will stay with you for the duration of your labor and birth. I will be with you for at least 2 hours after birth to ensure that you are doing well, nursing, and enjoying your baby.

Emerging evidence suggests that experience in labor and passing through the birth canal prepares babies for receiving beneficial microorganisms from their birthing parent, which play a key role in the development of the infant’s immune system. Human micro-biome is very essential to health and well-being. Some of these microorganisms help to produce vitamins (like vitamin K) and anti-inflammatory hormones. Choosing to have a vaginal birth is important for families and its important for babies.

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