Prenatal and Postpartum Support Services

Birth Doula Services

You deserve to have continuous support during your labor. I am here to support you whatever you decide. I work with obstetricians and midwives in the location of your choosing: birth center, home, or hospital. When moms are supported and honored, families win, and when families win, everyone wins!

I use a lot of massage, acupressure (a hands-on way of using pressure to activate acupuncture points), essential oils, movements, rebozo, and optimal fetal positioning to keep labor moving forward in vaginal birth. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean is a beautiful option that research supports having better health outcomes than a routine repeat cesarean. I fully support Family Centered Cesarean, as well. Sometimes there are medical issues that require a family to choose cesarean birth.  Learn more about the kind of care you will receive from Mama Nurture Wellness!

Lactation Services

I am hospital trained to provide experienced breastfeeding support. I have spent a great amount of time working with refugees and at risk women and children.  New families deserve compassion and a dedication to the support of natural breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be hard! Let’s work together prenatally and after the baby is born to get you the best start possible!

In lactation consultation: We will work together to meet your breastfeeding goals. Together, we will work with your infant’s behaviors to achieve a comfortable, and effective latch and how to pump effectively. We will do before and after feeding weights to determine exactly how much milk your baby received from you. Once that is determined, together, we will come up with a feeding plan that works for you and your baby. Learn more about Lactation Consultation and Prenatal Education with Mama Nurture Wellness here!

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a great hand-on way to reduce discomfort. Massage therapy should always be a first step in addressing body discomfort. Massage increases lymphatic flow, circulation, and brings the body back into balance. Massage improves the relationship between the nervous system, the CranioSacral system, the muscles, connective tissues, circulatory system, and the skeletal system. Facilitating these systems to be in greater balance with each other brings about a healthier you.

After many years practicing in a variety of settings, I have found that I love working with pregnant and postpartum moms and their family the most! I have lots of extra training and certification to ensure a pleasurable and rebalancing experience! Learn more about the kind of massage therapy that is offered with Mama Nurture Wellness!