Lactation Consultation and Education

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Mama Nurture Wellness lactation services! This beautiful mom and baby are have some skin to skin time!! What new mama doesn’t need that?!

Trust your body! Natural Infant Feeding or Lactation is a beautiful biological system that works well! I have spent a lot of time with new mothers teaching them all about how to latch their babies. Personally, I breast fed my child for almost 3 years. My son is a strong and bright young boy who was given the benefit of his mother’s milk!

I have helped families of many different backgrounds, cultures, and from all over the world. Having spent a great amount of time on postpartum units, neonatal intensive care units, pediatric units, and out-patient clinics. I go that extra mile to help you latch your baby and feed successfully, comfortably, and as naturally as possible. I am excited to share my breadth of experience and education with you!

Breastfeeding is hard when you are just starting out as a new mother! In the early days, learning how to work with your infant’s behavior to achieve a comfortable latch can be challenging. Do not breastfeed through pain! Breastfeeding should not hurt! Let’s work together to problem solve why there is discomfort.

It can be confusing to understand how much your infant may be getting from your breast. It can be hard to know you’re doing the right things when there is so much conflicting information out there. As your breastfeeding relationship continues, there can be lots of questions about what what is going on with your infant? Does my child have allergies? How do I help them while still breastfeeding? Can I breastfeed with this medication? What is mastitis and how do I know if I have it? How do I get my body to produce more breast milk? Can I lose weight while breastfeeding? How?!

You know my mother always said that prevention is always better than a cure! I also provide extensive prenatal breastfeeding education. We will talk about the infant gut changes and how your breast milk changes. You will learn about how human milk is produced.  Also, how to make sure that you have a nice and full production after birth.

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What does a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist do?

skin to skin new baby care
Mama Nurture Wellness is more than your usual doula experience. I support you prenatally with lots of education and assistance with resources. During labor I support you with physical and emotional support, labor support massage, acupressure, and assistance with evidence based care. After the birth of your baby with lactation support, massage therapy, nutrition education and more!

I can help problem solve issues with many different issues:

  • sore nipples
  • nipple damage
  • blisters
  • painful latch
  • slow weight gain
  • low milk supply
  • oversupply
  • engorgement
  • plugged ducts
  • pumping difficulties
  • supplementation
  • nipple confusion
  • issues bottle feeding
  • use of nipple shields
  • getting enough sleep while nursing
  • and other issues that may arise! I am available to you.

Your confidentiality and privacy will be kept. Additionally, you will be respected in your right to make choices that are correct for your situation. I help you and support you to identify and meet your nursing goals. Also, I give education and support nursing families during pregnancy, postpartum, and older babies, too!

I assess both you and your infant. Together, we will determine a plan of care to help you reach your goals. By the end of our time together, you will understand how to know if your infant is getting enough. You will learn different nursing positions and how to latch your baby. Also, you will understand frequency and duration of feedings, as well as, infant behavior at the nipple. Your lactation consultation includes an observation of you nursing. An assessment of effective milk transfer from chest to infant in nursing situations will be completed. You’ll get the guidance regarding human milk feeding issues that you may have. I help you to identify obstacles to nursing success and help with resources to minimize, eliminate and overcome them.

I will be keeping a detailed record of our meetings and tracking you and your infant’s progress. Also, we will work collaboratively with your health care team to get you the support you need. I will work as an advocate on your health care team to garner more support for your breastfeeding relationship!

Lactation Consultation Appointments

Initial Lactation Consultation

Your lactation consultation can be in the comfort of your home or in my office. It is up to you! I travel all over the Denver metro area! Please read your confirmation email. It has important information and includes links to my intake forms!

What will happen during your appointment:

Our first meeting is 1.5 – 2 hours. We will do a before and after feeding weight to assess how much milk your baby received while nursing. I will observe you nursing your baby and help you with any issues that may come up. Together, we will determine an appropriate care plan. I will also make a report to your physician and/or your baby’s pediatrician.

Breastfeeding Suppoprt with Mama Nuture Wellness Denver Colorado
Nursing in the first day is mostly mom and baby learning about how to do this! After the first day, baby should nurse 8-12 times every 24 hours! Don’t look at the clock! You got this, mama!

Some things to have ready for when we meet to insure we make the most of our time together:

A great time to start nursing your baby is when baby’s eyes are wide and looking around. During this time your baby will be really calm and just taking everything in! You have lots of practice time to get the latch just right!
Feed your baby 2-2.5 hours before our scheduled meeting time.
Where comfortable clothing that does not hinder nursing.
Have your support person present during the visit.
Have your pump available if there are any questions regarding use.
Write a list of issues, questions, concerns, and topics you would like to cover!
I am available for the following two weeks via text message, phone call, or email. I look forward to receiving updates and hearing success stories!

Follow up Lactation Consultation

A follow up consultation may be necessary as your nursing relationship evolves. This appointment is 1 hour. We will  assess how much baby is transferring. I will observe you feeding your baby. Also, if needed, we will devise a revised care plan when appropriate. You can call me for  two weeks after our final appointment. Feel free to contact me via text message, phone calls, or emails regarding the issues discussed in this appointment.

Lactation Education

Prenatal Lactation Education

Prenatal Lactation Education is important. There are many reasons you should take my prenatal lactation course. First and foremost, this is your first time being breastfeeding. Also, you should consider prenatal lactation education if you breastfed previously but experienced difficulties. Finally,you have breastfed before but it has been a long time and you would like a refresher! This visit will include a comprehensive health history, chest examination (if desired), lactation education.

Investment for Prenatal Breastfeeding Education and Lactation Consultation:

In-home Prenatal Breastfeeding Education: $85
Group Prenatal Breastfeeding Education: $65
Lactation Consultation, Initial visit (2 hours) : $125
Lactation Consultation, Follow-up (1 hour to 1.5 hours): $85

In home services are available for both lactation consultation and prenatal lactation education. Due to travel difficulties and wear and tear on my vehicle, I charge a travel fee for in home services. There is a $15 travel fee to those living in Denver, Englewood, and the Denver Tech Center; and a 25$ travel fee to those living outside of these areas.

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